•  "Daria makes subjective, individual experience of performance and revetment the focus of her artistic interests early in her work. Referencing the body, design and posture gain a newly defined presence that, in combination with aggressive sexuality slide the boarder of an overacted advertisement. The heroines are presented as powerful protagonists, exploring personal issues in a 'fantasy'. In the new series she developed a specific kind of pop art iconography by combining dramatic female character and oversized products. The heroines are presented as powerful protagonists alluring to their inherent power. In her Berlin based series 'DAMES' she features local performance artists in the art Neo-Burlesque. Daria directs the actors to catch the images expressing her idea of the current Berlin Burlesque Zeitgeist. The reminiscence to the imagery, the coloring even, of the New York flamboyant artistic scene on the peak of the liberal movement is obvious. Berlin as New York in the 80s has evolved into a global focal point for young individuals and artists attracted by a liberal lifestyle and modern zeitgeist."

                                          - Christina Steinbrecher, Vienna Art Fair '13


"Widely associated with performance in embezzling elements of  

modern-day utopia, she works with a range of media including photo 

and performance direction, in addition to illustration and theatrical installations.

She reveals a remarkable capacity to provide  an glimpse into semi-private worlds through the intimate depictions of the subjects."